Time to cool down the summer heat with mosses! Hear of them? Let’s find out if they really are that good infact!

This is the most important point that I want to share with you. Besides absorbing carbon dioxide, mosses release good amount of oxygen also. And the best part, they absorb all the pollutants and dust particles in their vicinity which makes the air quality around them much superior. What could be better than having a natural air purifier in your home?

Cultivation of gorgeous and sacred flower – The Lotus

Almost everyone is fascinated by the glorious flower of lotus. It has a sense of royalty that attracts the eyes of every passerby and the colours are mesmerizing at the same time. And having them in your backyard or in your home is going to be super exciting and delightful. Growing this sacred flower can be a little tricky. But once you master the art of growing them, there is no turning back. Let’s learn some simple methods to successfully cultivate lotuses.

Impact of inorganic gardening on our lives

Perhaps the most trending topic of discussion in the farming world is organic vs inorganic. We have all heard that organic food is better for us, we should switch to chemical free food and so on. But what about gardening which includes only ornamental plants or grasses which we do not consume? Do we needContinue reading “Impact of inorganic gardening on our lives”

Say Goodbye to Overwatering and Hello to Thriving Plants: Learn the secrets of Bottom Watering

Are you tired of Overwatering your plants and watching them wilt? Its time to try bottom watering! This easy to learn technique is proven to help your plants thrive. From the ‘Benefits of Bottom Watering’ to ‘How to implement it in your Garden’ this guide has everything you need to know. Log on to reemasgarden.com and read the full article now.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Mosquito-Free: Learn About the Different Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Can Grow

Tired of being chased indoors by pesky mosquitoes? It’s time to bring nature to your rescue! Discover the different mosquito-repelling plants you can grow in your garden. From Herbs to Flowers, this guide has everything you need to know to keep mosquitoes away naturally. Get ready to enjoy your outdoor space in peace and comfort, without having to worry about pesky bites! Log on to reemasgarden.com and read the full article.

Expand Your Plant Collection for Free: Learn the Secrets of Propagating Through Stem and Root Cuttings!

Do you want to expand your plant collection without spending a fortune? Propagating plants through stem cuttings and root cuttings is the answer! From understanding the basics of plant propagation to choosing the right plants, this guide has everything you need to know to grow your garden. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of new plants and fill you home with nature’s wonders! Read the full article on reemasgarden.com

A small guide to using grow lights in your garden

Before choosing a grow light you should first know the difference between a grow light and a normal light. All of us have seen a rainbow which has 7 colours. Each colour is a result of different wavelengths of light. For eg., red colour is emitted due to 650 nm wavelength. Photosynthesis occurs at a specific wavelength known as PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation) which ranges between….

Beneficial insects for your Garden

Not all insects are harmful, in fact only 1/10th of the total insects can harm your garden. The rest are either beneficial or harmless. The beneficial ones can be classified into three categories…

Decorate your minkas (homes) with some Kokedamas!

Mix peat moss and akadama soil in the ratio of 1:1 and start combining them together like you are kneading a dough. Crush all the big particles…