Let’s Have Some Fun.. Let’s start Farming :)

DIY Project 1: Growing Coriander/Parsley/Celery

If you have never grown anything at home… Coriander is the best to start with! The advantage of coriander is that they germinate easily and quickly and are ready in 20-30 days. Quick results and low (rather no) maintenance make it the best one to start with!!

So let’s start

You need a small pot, soil, Coriander seeds and some water!! That’s it!!

Fill the pot with mud

Coriander Seeds..!! 🙂

Add little water to make the soil moist

Now spread the coriander seeds on the soil. Please don’t press or dig them into the soil.. Sowing methods are different for different seeds.. The easiest one is to scatter/spread them on the soil.

Now sprinkle some water on the seeds

Keep sprinkling water 2-3 times a day for next one week. Also (if possible) do not place the pot in direct sunlight.

The seeds take around 4-7 days to germinate.

After one week of sowing it is enough if you water them just once in a day.

In another 20 days your coriander is ready 🙂

I love this image! Can you notice the bigger leaves in them? They are spinach. Oh You got it right.. Its the naughty sparrow’s Job !!

P.S : Please don’t use the seeds available with the grocer which are used in cooking. They’ll germinate but will not give you the desired outcome..!!