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Remember always that a big heart, an intelligent mind and will power can change the world; not all at once but slowly and surely.

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Happy Gardening! Happy Farming!


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Happy Gardening! Happy Farming!


Labour is the most expensive and scarce resource.

When I say labour has become expensive, it is from an agricultural point of view. From an individual perspective, I am very happy that finally people are getting paid well for the strenuous physical labour. So for further discussion, labour (being defined as expensive) is discussed as an input cost for agricultural production.

So how do we go about solving this problem? There is just one answer – mechanization. technology has over the years made our life simpler, easier, efficient and productive. There are number of farm machinery and equipment. Its just not the ease of doing strenuous physical job, but also being able to ascertain the quantum of work that would be carried out in a day.

I had my second concept in place – application of maximum farm mechanization.

Why Krushi?

So before I start diving into what Krushi is all about and what we are doing… I want to share what necessitated the birth of Krushi.

I have been staying in a semi-rural area for almost 4 years now. I have farms all around me. I kept observing them to a point where I now strongly believe, we need to do something about farming in India.

It really pains me to see such small land holdings, poor productivity, inadequate knowledge about agriculture, rampant migration to cities, etc.

It was back in August 2017 when I was just discussing this with my Guruji, and he said, “if you’re so keenly interested in agriculture, why don’t you take up agriculture?”

I was moved by his words. Since then, I have been working on this idea, as to how can we make a difference in agriculture.

Exploring different agricultural models, became my full-time job.

When I started studying about agriculture in India, altogether different observations came up. They were not only surprising but even shocking.

What I found was ….. Wait…. I am not going to reveal it all in one post… 😛 😛

Stay with me!! More posts coming up soon!

Happy Gardening, Happy Farming!


So here’s why I wasn’t around for a longtime……

I am very happy to announce that we are setting up an NGO called


KRUSHI in Sanskrit means Agriculture.

But before you jump on any conclusions about what and how we are doing it, there is more coming up…..

Happy Gardening! Happy Farming!