Marigold Flowers

Flower Garden – Part VII – Marigold

Yes, we are talking about the world famous Tagetes. Everyone around the world loves Marigold. 🙂 The beautiful yellow – orange flowers just make your day bright and vibrant.

Marigolds often crop up on there own making them at times fall into the weed category. My garden has had repetitive intrusions by marigold in numerous pots. Yet I love them a lot. 😀 😀

Marigolds are very easy to grow and maintain. They can be propagated from seeds or you can buy a small plant from the nursery.

They are available in both annual and perennial varieties is what Wikipedia says though I have seen only annual ones. So you can grow different colors/species/variety every year.

We here in India, use them a lot in garlands and for decoration.

I have read that they have many culinary uses as well. No personal experience though.

Insects and pests get attracted a lot to these bright flowers. I understand that you may see this as a drawback but it is also one of the greatest advantage of this plant. You can use this plant in your vegetable garden as a trap crop. It means if you place this plant in your vegetable garden, there is a high possibility that the pests will attack this plant and your vegetables would be safe. 🙂

Also, Butterflies get attracted to them a lot.

Make sure your plant receives ample sunlight and compost. Since these are annuals you can add generous of compost while potting and once after 2-3 months should be sufficient. Add more compost only when there is a pest attack.

Happy Gardening 🙂