Orange Red Lantana at Reema's Garden

Flower Garden – Part XI – Lantana

If you want a plant that needs no care, no pruning, not much composting, yet all season flowers.. Opt for Lantana! 😀 😀 😀

Well I just gave you all the reasons, didn’t I? Now what do I write in the rest of the post? 😛 😛 😛


Lantanas are small bunch flowers available in various colors and shades of Red, yellow, orange, violet, blue, white. etc

Butterflies love Lantana. You must have noticed these flowers alongside the roads/highways. They often crop up on their own and many times are classified as weeds!

These are seriously no care – no maintenance plants. So go.. get them 🙂 😀 🙂

When I say not much composting, what I am suggesting is, you can add compost in an interval of 75-90 days i.e just once in every 2-3 months. Also, I am assuming you’re potting your own plant. Click here to know how to pot your plant.

Happy Gardening 🙂


Prune it Babyyy!!

Since Composting has already been taken care of; maintaining plants is only about pruning them. Pruning involves cutting off all the dried leaves,twigs and flowers. Similarly De-weeding involves removal of all the unwanted plants (weeds) that crop up in the pot/soil. Both pruning and de-weeding serve the same purpose of saving and utilizing the nutrients in soil for the growth of plant.

Dried leaves and flowers when not pruned continue to absorb the nutrition from plant thereby leaving less nutrients for the growth of plant. Once they are pruned, all the nutrients are channelized towards the growing or new leaves, flowering and fruition of plant.


Weeds, again, absorb vital nutrients from the soil and thereby leave less nutrients for the plants’ growth. Hence it is a must to De-weed all the pots and containers regularly.

Happy Gardening! 🙂