Our Mistakes!

Like all initial start-ups we had a whole bunch of mistakes we made. I feel it is necessary to talk about our mistakes so that you don’t end up making the same ones! Also, to tell everyone, if you’re entering into a new arena, there are going to be mistakes! That’s how we all learn!

We had initially decided to make it for-profit venture: While its a great idea to have a for-profit food processing business, its not a very good idea to have basic agriculture/farming for-profit venture. (Not-for-profit organization does not mean that we cannot earn profits. It means we cannot distribute profits.)

There were couple of things that went wrong with the for-profit venture. First and foremost, we didn’t have a for-profit model. We had a business model, there wasn’t just enough for us to give our investors an insight into projected turnover, revenue, the valuation of their equity (or debt). Agriculture being full of inherent risks(being dependent on monsoon, vulnerable to pest attack and sudden climatic and seasonal changes) there just wasn’t enough to give a particular projection. We tried making it work but failed miserably. we could not assure them a certain percentage of return, which the investors generally expect.

Secondly, and more importantly, we came across as just another business, or even worse, people somehow got an ugly picture of corporate-farming, where we are exploiting natural resources for minting profits! The whole underlying idea of sustainable agricultural model took a back-seat!

That was our first and biggest mistake!


We are looking for Volunteers!

Volunteering work is love in action.

You can give a little of your time and expertise for Krushi and help it grow. There are many options and avenues for volunteering which you can select while filling out the volunteering form.

Remember always that a big heart, an intelligent mind and will power can change the world; not all at once but slowly and surely.

If you’re interested, please click on the link below!


Thank You!

Happy Gardening! Happy Farming!

Here We Are!

I am really happy and excited to share our website


with you guys!

Please do visit and let me know your feedback! It means a lot!

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Thank You So Much!

Happy Gardening! Happy Farming!

That’s where we come full circle!

What better way to increase awareness about farming and agriculture than to teach people grow food in their own home?

Gardening is all where it began….

Besides the hobby part of it, what gardening does is, it brings people closer to nature. The more they observe plants, the more they understand.

When people start growing food at home, may it be herbs or veges, they become aware of what a farmer is putting in. What goes into farming and how little are the farmers paid for their blood and sweat.

Its one thing for me to go out there and say “you should pay more for food produce” and its altogether different when people realize for themselves, how underpaid farmers are!

With these ideologies in place, we are here to make our contribution in field of agriculture and on agricultural fields!! 😉 😉

Happy Gardening, Happy Farming!


The last of the problems we decided to tackle, was the marketability.

Its one of the most serious problems farmers are facing these days. its not just about reaching out to the buyers but also about fetching the right price.

There are many agro ventures coming up in this area, who facilitate better transactions between farmers and customers/retailers. Thereby avoiding middlemen and costs.

With better logistics comes reduction in wastage, thereby further reducing the cost and increasing the sales.

These initiatives are great. But we need more. Much more. We need to create awareness about food prices. There has to be a conscious effort on our part to increase the cost of food items.

That brings us to our awareness drives…. how do we make people aware about food production and the effort that goes onto it?