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Happy Gardening!

3 things to look for before starting your Garden

Now that you have the 3 things required to start a garden, lets begin by taking a closer look at your space. A lot of times people struggle because they go buy plants and then wonder where are they going to put them or realize that the space is too small or doesn’t receive enough sunlight. Here’s how you can avoid facing those problems. Take a first hand close look at your Garden space and look for the following 3 key factors:

  1. Where is your space located: Are you going to set up your Garden indoors or outdoors or somewhere in between like a balcony or window grille. What this helps us understand is the kind of plants to look for.
  2. Sunlight: Does the space receive direct sunlight? If yes, for how many hours?
  3. How big is the space: This helps us determine the biggest size of pots/containers we can opt for while setting up a Garden. It also helps us understand how many pots (plants) we can have in the given space.

Now how to apply the above information:

Illustration 1: You have a space indoors with no sunlight – You will opt for indoor plants.

Illustration 2: You have a space outside, say your balcony, but the balcony does not receive direct sunlight. Then you should opt for shade/semi-shade plants.

Illustration 3: You have a small space on a window grille, but it receives full sunlight. In this scenario, you can opt for beautiful flowering “annual” plants. Since they complete their life cycle in a year, you can contain them in small pots.

Wondering what are annual plants? what are the other types of plants? Lets go! Click on the next post!

Happy Gardening!

3 things you need to start your Garden

Want to start a garden and wondering how or what you need? Don’t worry, we got you covered. And the fact is, since you “want” to have a garden; you already got what’s needed the most! A will!

  1. Desire: I always start with a desire, because you don’t want to have a garden just for the sake of it. It doesn’t work that way. Its a ongoing process and you should start only when you have an innate desire for it. Rest everything is “figureoutable”!
  2. Time: You should be willing to dedicate at least 3-4 mins everyday. If you can spare more than that, that’s great, but if not at least three minutes a day.
  3. Space: You need a dedicated space for your plants. It can be outdoors, indoors, terrace, balcony, window grille, anything. But you need to have a good look at your space before starting out with your Garden. Because it is your space that will decide what kind of plants you’ll have.

So now that you have all the 3, lets start setting up your Garden!! Click on the next blog post!

Gardening Seminar at Tech Mahindra

We conducted our first ever corporate seminar on 17th July, 2019 at Tech Mahindra, Chandivali, Mumbai. Here’s how awesome our Tech Mahindra Workshop was! Have a look!

Keep it up! You are doing a fantastic task of creating awareness among people. – Deepak Gangwani

Very good seminar, very much informative. Should conduct such sessions more often and should spread more awareness in corporates.- Trupti Patil

I was never into gardening but after this workshop I am definitely interested in having one plant in my gallery. – Mansi Parekh

It was a very informative session. We loved it! – Mrudula Warde

This is a very good initiative to understand the difficulty of farmers and also to familiarise us with nature by giving back something. – Pradeep More

Gardening Workshop at Vikhroli, Mumbai

Another amazing workshop at Raj Legacy, Vikhroli, Mumbai on 14th July, 2019.

Here are few testimonials we received at the end of our workshop:

The presenter was patient with the questions. – Sonal Goyal

The workshop was very good. It helped me and cleared many doubts. – Vinita Yadav

Keep up the good work and initiative! More regular sessions will help. – Tina Rawka

Gardening Workshop at Bhandup, Mumbai

What an amazing workshop at Mayuresh Shrishti, Bhandup, Mumbai on June 23rd, 2019 Their enthusiasm, curiosity and love for gardening was unparalleled.

Here are few testimonials we received at the end of our workshop:

“Reema was extremely informative & good. We need more detailed sessions to improvise.” – Satyajit

“The knowledge of the organizer is superb/ I myslef, have grown many vegetables in my garden with her suggestions. Thanks! 🙂 Reema! You are a rockstar in this field. Continue your good work.” said Rashmi who had attended my workshop back in November 2017 and then again in June 2019.

“I really appreciate the insight on the compost and soil of the plants. This session cleared many doubts and myths.” said Preksha who had helped us organize this event in Mayuresh Srishti.

“Very informtive and easy to understand & doable.” said Dr. Sandhya Anand.

“Overall awesome session.” – Archana

“Very good information, especially the organic part. ” – Amrit Kaur Seema.

Things to know when you buy plants!

Hi friends, I did guide you about when and where to buy your plants in the previous post. To read, you can click here.

This post is about things you need to know while buying plants:

Take time out to buy plants: I have seen many people who go to the nursery just like they did visit some shop, tell the manager/staff what plant they want, pay for it and get going. Don’t do that. Every single time to visit the nursery explore the plants there. Notice what kind of plants they have and what not. How have they aligned the plants. There are some which are kept out while others inside the poly-house. Just by observing this, you’ll come to know which are shade plants, which require full sunlight and which require partial.

Talk to the manager/staff: The Nursery staff/manager are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to plants. Talk to them. Tell them your requirements. Tell them you’re looking for “indoor plants” or “flowering plants” or “medicinal plants” and acknowledge what they suggest. Ask them how to maintain these plants – how to prune and fertilize-  see what they suggest.

Be Flexible: I know you must have planned your garden before visiting the nursery. But be flexible. You’re not always going to find all the plants you require. So keep an optional list ready. Also incorporate the manager/staff’s suggestion on what you should buy. They generally guide very well.

Enjoy the process: Let it be a play and not a work! Do it because you enjoy doing it. Let it not be one of those things on your to-do list. 😉

Happy Gardening 🙂


Minimalism – A by-product of Gardening?

When you see a plant/tree shedding its leaves in autumn, you can’t help but wonder why didn’t I do this? Why did I not let go of the things that are old, dry and no more of any use? We clutter ourselves with so many material and emotional baggage. We need to let go. We need to understand that after every autumn comes a spring! Every single time we let go of things that are no longer needed, we make room for new and beautiful ones to come into our life. Applies to single facet of our life!

Minimalism is defined in many ways by many people. All I want to say here is let go off the useless stuff. I have been trying to get rid off the stuff I no longer need and with every single thing I pick up, I realize I have attached so many emotions to it. All I wonder is why? Do you as well?

When I am not Gardening…..

I never spoke about my adventures beyond Gardening. Gardening, especially when your garden is settled, takes very less time. But the influence it has on your lifestyle is tremendous. First and foremost, it humbles you. I don’t know how… but it does. I have never in my life met an arrogant Gardener. I guess that is because it opens up a completely new dimension of thinking.

Secondly, we being humans, we can never really separate ourselves from our surroundings. And if I may dare say, we are obsessed with people around us, irrespective of whether they are good, bad or worst. Hence we never really get over the phenomenon of comparing/judging ourselves with our peers.. colleagues, neighbors, friends, relatives, even acquaintances. This is a subconscious habit as we are social animals. But something magical happens when we start being with plants/pets or nature. Suddenly we are comparing ourselves with them. This time, for good.

When we start comparing in terms of ‘what we take and what we give and how we live’, we realize how petty we human beings have been. This very feeling, I believe, gives birth to lifestyle changes and is one of the main reasons as to why nature humbles us.

Happy Gardening! 🙂

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