Reema Gopalan

Founder & Owner

Reema founded Reema’s Garden in August 2016. It started as a humble blog aimed at simplifying Gardening. Over the years, the blog evolved into a Green Lifestyle Portal where anyone and everyone can learn about Gardening. Reema has penned two ebooks and has been featured on various online portals.

Reema believes Gardening has a solution to all major urban problems like pollution, urban waste management, sustainable development. But the biggest reason to pursue Gardening is because of the profound impact it has on our life and lifestyle.

Neha Gore

Photographer & Creative strategist

Neha is happiness personified.

After lighting up the room with her smile she heads on to light up the room, quite literally,
for photographs & videos.

She is a traveller, artist, loves music and animals and is a tree-hugger.
Neha is all things creative!! Her inquisitive nature gives her work an awe and beauty that each of us aspires for!

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