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Reema Gopalan


Reema believes Gardening has a solution to all major urban problems like pollution, urban waste management, sustainable development. But the biggest reason to pursue Gardening is because of the profound impact it has on our life and lifestyle.

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Antra Thada

Author – Finding your Soil-Mate
Content Writer, Specialist

  • Antra is PhD scholar at IGKV, Raipur
  • Receiver of Gold Medal in Master’s
  • An agriculturist by profession
  • Doctoral research fellow in Genetics and Plant breeding

Antra is a person who craves about plants and has turned her passion into profession. She loves to spend time with and around plants. She loves to write because it gives her a medium to express her thoughts and resonates with her vibes. She believes that our green friends are a solution to all our problems. They are the best companions and can improve our mental as well as physical health. She wants each individual to share the joy of planting and cherish the happiness of watching them grow. She believes that urban gardening has a lot of unexploited potential which needs to be explored.

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