I can’t tell you how many times have I been to a nursery and was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what plants to buy or even if I bought them I didn’t know how to take care of them or what they required. Searching and reading about the plants on internet was equally overwhelming because of the information overload. And I would keep saying, “Just tell me what to do!” or “Just tell me whether or not should I buy this plant!”

All through this journey and struggle the only thing I wished was if somebody could have simplified things for me. All I want to do is have a few plants in my Balcony. In that struggle, I realised there are many, just like me, who are time and again confused and overwhelmed. To add to it, is the past experience of dead plants.

I want all my readers to get into Gardening with open mind and happy spirit and with as much less confusion as possible. To help them know what is happening to their plants and why. I hope these books help you gain the confidence you need to start & grow your Garden.

Happy Gardening 🙂

50 Flowering Plants for Indian Homes

Author – Reema Gopalan

A simple yet insightful e-book on flowering plants which will help you understand what type of plants you should look for, while choosing flowering plants for your Garden, all while stating 50 best flowering plants for your Garden.

MRP – Rs. 299/-

PS: This book has been written for tropical & subtropical climates.

30 Indoor Plants for Indian Homes

Reema Gopalan

A book that introduces you the plant world and brings you a step closer to nature. It familiarizes you with different houseplants, their care, maintenance and design tips!

Releases on 17th Oct 2020

MRP – Rs. 799/-

PS: This book has been written for tropical & subtropical climates.

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