Tomatoes are the easiest plants to grow. They grow very fast and You don’t have to worry about pollination!! 😀 🙂  Your Tomatoes are ready in just 3 months!! So let’s start.. 🙂

Take a pot that is longer and wider in shape.

Fill the pot with mud

Add little water to make the soil moist

Now spread the tomato seeds on the soil. Please don’t press or dig them into the soil.. Sowing methods are different for different seeds.. The easiest one is to scatter/spread them on the soil.  This is how the seeds look…

Now sprinkle some water on the seeds

Keep sprinkling water 2-3 times a day for next one week. Also (if possible) do not place the pot in direct sunlight.

The seeds take around 4-7 days to germinate.

The fun begins now!!

After the saplings have grown 7-10 inches its time to separate them and replant them in bigger pots/containers.

It will take around 20-30 days for your plants be this tall. When you notice your plant growing more than 8 inches know that its time to replant them. These are the tomato saplings that I made for my friends and relatives. 🙂


Fill these pots with soil and compost. Plant the saplings minimum six inches below the surface. Now this is the crux. If you plant the sapling just 3-4 inches beneath the surface you’re going face a lot of problems later on.

The tomato stems tend to develop roots on them. So the roots keep growing along the stem and if you have planted the sapling just three inches under the soil.. The plant is going to tilt & bend and it will need a lot of support.

So the only highlight point of this post is plant the saplings minimum 6 inches under the surface!!!

And then all you got to do is wait and watch. Water them regularly. Keep adding compost once in 15-20 days. And in just three months you’ll have your tomatoes!! No more buying tomatoes from market 🙂

That reminds me, we all have different consumption rates when it comes to tomatoes but a general norm says you need to have 3 plants per family member in order to not buy any tomatoes from the market!

Have a look at the beautiful tomato flowers..

Baby tomatoes…

Fully Grown Raw tomatoes

Raw, Semi-ripe and Ripe Tomatoes

And the last one is me with my little tomato plants (they all are really huge now) ;)!!


And This one’s for you….


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35 thoughts on “LA TOMATINA

  1. Congratulations. Nothing is as satisfying as the fruits of one’s labour. 😃 I love tomatoes and the sight of them is so delightful. Your pictures make me want to plant some right away. Terms😃

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    1. You can easily grow them in earthen pots or fibre (plastic) pots… Pot should be at least 7-8 inches deep! I have written this post mainly for balcony/terrace farming !!


  2. Wonderful post on how to grow Tomatoes .. 🙂 ours are now almost finished and my husband and I will soon be clearing out the green house to put our tender plants in to protect from the frost..
    love and blessings to you xx
    Sue xx

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  3. Good to read this post, need to try growing the tomatoes at home.
    Currently I have a sapling that I got from the Nursery last month, it is growing is the only thing I can say about it right now. The homegrown tomatoes look so perfect for chutney, yum!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Reema, With summer upon us, I have been doing bit care of all indoor and outdoor plants of our house and had thought about you this morning, and here I see you today. God bless, and hope to see you around here sharing your gardening knowledge through your posts.
        Need to grow new tomato plants, your post will help 🙂 .

        Liked by 1 person

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