Why is water essential for plants?

image of a woman holding potted plant in one hand and watering can in the other and she is watering the plant.

You might be wondering what kind of question is this? Of course water is essential for every living organism, this is like a no brainer. Ok so wait, can you tell me why? Now here you might get a little confused and you might start to wonder and some common answers might pop up like for hydration, keeps the plant cool etc. All these things are correct but there is more. As a plant lover and a plant parent we should definitely have more knowledge about the most essential element for our little green friends. So, today let me take you on a journey of a water molecule right from the beginning of a new plant life i.e., a seed.

For Seed

We buy some seeds, sow them in soil and water them. After that magically it sprouts and a new plant life is born. What role does water play here? If you have a close look at the seed, it has a very hard outer covering or the seed coat which protects it from harsh conditions. In that seed coat there is a small hole which is responsible for absorbing water. Once an adequate amount of water is collected inside the seed, it starts to soften the coat and generates pressure on the miniature version of the plant to get bigger in size. That mini plant will force itself out of the seed and germinate. So, this process of germination cannot be established without water. In fact, it is more essential than soil as we know seeds can germinate purely in water too. You might have sprouted chickpeas, by immersing them in water we activate certain mechanisms inside them and the chickpeas also become soft after one night of soaking. Next time whenever you see a seed germinating, remember that this magic happened due to water.

For plant growth

Once the plant has germinated, now it needs to get bigger and establish its roots. Water plays an essential part here also. The cells absorb water and in turn the water molecules pressurize them to expand. Now imagine millions of cells expanding themselves which will ultimately result in plant growth. And all this is possible only through water.

For Photosynthesis 

It is the process through which plants prepare their own food and food is incomplete without water. There are many reactions during the process of photosynthesis which cannot be completed without water. But we are not going to get into deep scientific things, this much knowledge is enough.

Transport of essential elements

How do plants transport things? The answer is – Water ways! Plants dissolve all essential elements like minerals, foods, nutrients, hormones and other essentials in water and transport them to various parts.

For fruit formation

Who doesn’t like delicious fruits plucked directly from trees? Or those fresh veggies or salad greens? The major component of all these fruits and vegetables is water. And all this water is absorbed by the plants and stored in the edible parts for us to enjoy.

Basically, water makes up around 1/3rd volume of the plants. It is required in almost every reaction and at every step as we have read in the above-mentioned points. So, the next time if anybody asks you why water is essential for plants, you know the answer!

Happy gardening folks!

Written by
Antra Thada

Published by Reema

Entrepreneur | Author of 2 Ebooks | Gardener

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