There are different types of ideas that pop up in our minds when we think of “Summer”.

Those who live in the western or northern countries where it snows, summer is a welcome change from all the snow and means time for daisies, lilies, petunias and peonies and lots of sunshine! In tropical countries like India (where I’m from), the idea of summer comes with a different set of thoughts and problems

Our Reema’s Garden office last year was on the top floor with hardly any trees along the majority of the vicinity. Most of us are not new to the concept of power cuts coupled with lack of water. So Summers especially were pretty tougher than the other seasons

I wasn’t new to the concept of Indoor Gardening but because especially in India, the idea was somehow not too common, I had a slight reluctance when it came to getting my first set of Indoor Plants, yet once they were in my office, I knew the reluctance was for nothing. One thing that changed almost overnight is that my office felt cooler, literally and metaphorically.

The hottest room in our office was bearable to be in even with an electricity cut and the amount of water majority of them needed was also manageable. It’s been a year since I found out how much I needed these little plants in my indoors and I am so glad to have something to beat the heat from the very start this year!

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