‘Fern’tastic Garden

Especially where I am from, Fern isn’t a common name that wouldn’t pop up in my mind when we start talking about plants in our garden. When I first came across Fern, a Boston Fern to be exact, I was a little out of my comfort zone since I had never had the plant, neither had I seen it in my friends’ or relatives’ garden.

Now, looks wise, I had to agree that it was absolutely beautiful and agree that getting it home was indeed a good choice. The plant sat nicely near my Pothos, both of them giving amazing “pinteresty” vibes with their different, yet vibrant earthy colors. It was amazing how easy fern is to have in your indoors, and it will grow beautifully wherever it is kept.

So, after having it on a shelf, hanging basket, table, or window, I came to the conclusion that fern was, a very ferntastic plant and that ferny puns too are awesome! 😉

Click here to read more about Fern!

Published by Reema

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