Being Reema!

When I started this blog, it was only about sharing my Gardening experiences and a few other Gardening tips and tricks that I had picked up! But something didn’t feel right. Or rather it felt right all throughout until past few weeks.

If you need to know how to grow something you have wikihow. You don’t need to look into #reemasgarden. Then what makes this blog different? How do you know its me.. Reema.. and everything on this blog is authentic?

This question has been haunting me for days and I finally feel I have found an answer.Β Our flaws make us human! That’s what I have realized and that is all that I am going to speak about for next few days. I want to get candid. I want to tell you all about my mistakes, which I now term as Experiences. I want to tell you all the non-physical/emotional/psychological aspects of Gardening that I have experienced.

One thing I now know for sure is that there is a limit to the physical aspects of Gardening but not to the emotional ones! In more ways than one gardening does turn you into philosopher or Spiritual person or probably both!

Strong-headed opinionated woman.. I have always been.. But I never thought I would let you know that. I didn’t want my blog to be an opinionated one. But then I don’t want my blog to be fact sheet/ database either. So here’s me!

I wish You all the very best! Remember, you always have an option to unfollow me! πŸ˜‰


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32 thoughts on “Being Reema!

  1. Well said Reema. When one learns from the mistakes it becomes an experience, which is a great teacher.
    I too asked myself this question. “There are millions of blogs on the blogsphere. What makes mine different?” I think when we stick to our own style of writing , reflecting our genuine thoughts and personality , that makes it different!

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  2. Reema, I look forward to your upcoming posts. I enjoy reading your blog and I don’t think you can get rid of me that easily. πŸ™‚

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  3. I think you’ve got a beautiful site here! Who wants Wiki when you’ve got beautiful pics and personality. (Had no idea Bonsai was so cruel either–great analogy to not feeding your children.) Keep on keeping on, Reema! I’ll bet no one unfollows you!

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  4. Wonderful post! πŸ’• you have helped me a lot with the insights and details you share about your plants. I’m planning on starting a mini herb garden because of your ideas! Kudos Hun. You’ve come a long way😁😁

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  5. Thank you Reema for stopping by and liking my collection of recipes.
    Your write – up on gardening is indeed a good collection. I wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts πŸ™‚ .. Long way to go πŸ™‚

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