Transform Your Aquarium into an Underwater Oasis: The Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 2

Plants brighten up the place no matter where they are present. Even under water there is a whole new world of species of plants which we are unaware of. You can grow some of these in your aquarium which will give a homely feeling to the fishes and you can enjoy the view too. Let’s have a look at some of the plants which you can grow easily.

Foreground plants

These plants are placed in front of the aquarium as they are short in height and will make the background more visible. They are also known as carpet plants because they grow more horizontally rather than vertically.

Crytopcoryne Wendtii

This plant grows for only 6 to 8 inches and has a rosette of leaves. the colour of leaves may vary from red to brown depending upon the light in aquarium.

Anubia Nana

You can place some rocks in water and grow this plant. It has dark green coloured leaves and can grow upto 8 inches. It keeps the tank water fresh and oxygenated for the fishes.

  • Dwarf baby tears

This plant is a cluster of small green leaves and a treat to the eye. It forms a dense carpet with proper lightning.

  • Java fern

Ferns are easy to grow and make the place look good too. This fern is good for aquariums as it grows upto 7 to 8 inches and in low to moderate light. It has dark green coloured leaves growing out from a rhizome.

  • Java moss

This plant is very beautiful and eye catching and is perfect addition to your aquarium. It can grow upto 4 inches and has needle like leaves growing in a cluster with beautiful soft hairs striking out from it.

Middle or Background plants

These plants are taller than foreground plants and would look perfect when placed near sides or attached to the lateral walls. You can also place the tallest plants at the back wall which will make it look like different levels of plants are perfectly arranged. Here are a few plants which you can prefer.

  • Amazon sword

Just like its name this plant has large green coloured broad leaves which look like a sword. It requires moderate light and lose substrate to grow. It looks like a beautiful bunch of leaves arranged perfectly.

  • African water fern

This fern anchors itself to some solid substrate like wood or a rock, once established it is pretty easy to maintain and is very slow growing. Its leaves has a darker shade of green and are cut delicately around the edges.

  • Dwarf aquarium water lily

Lilies are beautiful flowers which are lovely to look at. It has uniquely shaped leaves which makes it attractive as a foliage plant too. Its leaves are triangular in shape with red, green or pink colouration. It can bloom in shallow waters so you can keep it partially submerged if you want the flowers.

  • Water wisteria

If you have time to prune plants in your aquarium, then you should definitely grow this plant. It can grow upto 20 inches height and 10 inch in width which can block light of aquarium. The leaves are dark green along with little cuts along the length. It is good for large aquariums but you can keep it in smaller ones with regular pruning as it can grow 2 to 3 inches per week.

Indian waterweed

This delicate waterweed will make your aquarium look more lifelike. It can grow upto 24 inches with long green leaves, it gives a bushy appearance.

Rotala Rotundifolia

Let’s add some colour to your aquarium and take a break from traditional green coloured plants. With some good light this plant will develop red coloured leaves. It can grow upto 12 to 15 inches tall and gives a bushy appearance.


It is commonly known as Brahmi and can attain a height of around 12 inches. It can grow above or in water. So you know you can shift it in your garden from your aquarium and vice – a – versa. It has small oval light to dark green coloured leaves which grow on a long stem. This plant has spiny light green leaves which grow on a long stem. It can be used as a background plant and it does not block much light. It can grow upto 24 inches.

So use up your imagination and decorate your aquarium with actual live plants and enjoy the view. Even the fishes will feel more homely and enjoy being in a natural habitat. These plants will also provide oxygen to the fishes to breathe and keep the tank clean.

Written by
Antra Thada

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